The Place

“…I had come to the conviction that as a matter of principle, we should rely on the opportunities afforded by nature and only the most rudimentary features of civilised life. It was with this in mind that my partner, Vera Mérei, and I started off. For our first camp in 1938, we placed an ad under the heading “Happy Holiday,” then began looking for a place suited to recreation, where we could not only serve meals, but also swim and hike. And that’s when we received the fantastic offer from Bánk, where there was plenty of space, a lake, and meal services. On our first visit there, the acacia trees were in bloom, and it looked as if the entire woods was covered in snow. And the lake! We were captivated by the whole atmosphere of the place. We decided the search was over. It was, as I said, a matter of principle that the camp be run in the most natural of environments, amidst the most primitive circumstances possible.” (Eszter Leveleki)